Tax advice / consulting

TaxLegal Lecco assists legal subjects in dealing with checks and examinations carried out by the Tax Authority.

The Office’s professionals offer tax assistance and consulting during each stage of a tax appeal, while managing every aspect of the pre-litigation procedure (self-assessment,tax settlement, court conciliation, mediation) in order to prevent tax litigation and tax dispute with the Tax Commissions.

Our team can also be of assistance with trials at the Court of Cassation, thanks to the cooperation with tax attorneys.

The Office boasts proven experience with guaranteed results and specific expertise in tax appeals:

  • Assistance during tax investigations carried out by the competent bodies;
  • Notice of a VAT and/or other direct tax assessment following the issue of the tax audit report;
  • Summary assessment through income measurement;
  • Assessment through sectoral studies;
  • Payment notice for automatic and/or final check;
  • Notice of the correction and settlement for higher value of the sale of real estate property for the purposes of the registration charge, Land Register fee and mortgage registration fee;
  • Assessment for local taxation (IMU – Municipal Property Tax, tax on waste, etc.);
  • Decision of refusal by the Administrative Offices / the Italian Revenue Agency (refunds, remission, etc.)